recycled Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown is one of those amazing teachers whose name my children will remember when they are my age. She was recently awarded an honor at my children's school and this card is for her.
So many wonderful teachers have touched my life during my journey. I thank you all today and everyday of my life.
I love incorporating recycled materials in art - but used in an unexpected fashion. This textured material is packing material gifted from a friend. I would have paid $$ for this stuff - ha ha!!
I've said it before - I never throw anything away and know exactly where everything is ;0). 'Organized pack-rat' I like to call myself. hardy har har...my late Pop-Pop (lived to be 94 - and with all his teeth!) was a charter member of the Pat Rats Society....He left us over a year ago now (I miss him so!) and they are still going through the house...lol....

stamp credit: Stampin' Up. Textured paper - thanks Bevie Pearl; cardstock (buckaroo blue, pale plum, old olive), twill & ink - SU. Black ink is the amazing Archival Ink from Ranger. (Yes, I threw out all my Basic Black pads and their reinkers from SU); punches: SU & Marvy.

If you're asking, "How on earth did she get Buckaroo Blue flowers when the pens are not available? Here's how I did it: I placed a teeny tiny dab of reinker on a non-porous surface (such as a CD or small watercolor palette) and used a blender pen. You only need a miniscule amount of reinker to do the job on an image this small.

I guess the decision was made not to have the pens available in the new colors based on SU being unable to amoratize the cost of the printed pen barrels. Why not package the new colors as a special pen pack and sell at a premium? I would have loved pens in the new colors...can you tell? LOL...


Kim Ross said...

I, too, have trashed my basic black from SU and moved on to better black ink pads. Love the brown packing paper... I'd pay for that, too! :)

Beth said...

**I KNOW** I wanted the pens. You rock CLW!