lightweight coasters

Lightweight coasters can be run through a Cuttlebug! Olivia font used here. This was a job for a client - sixteen albums with 28 photos per album.
The girls' names adorned each album. These are to be gifts for young girls in a program here called 'Girls on the Run'. It is a national program. It emphasizes self-esteem and good eating habits, making young girls aware that they are indeed each beautiful and talented. It is also an attempt to guide girls away from attempting to emulate skinny models they see on billboards and magazine spreads. Here is a link for those interested...in our distorted perception of beauty: http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/
Die-cut letters were run through a Xyron 250, then I used a large ball pointed stylus tool to trace around each letter prior to removing the top layer of film. This eliminated the sticky stuff around the letters making them nice & neat. I used a glue pen for the letter 'i' dots ;-)
At this writing, glue pens & coasters can be found in the store; 7gypsies paper used.


Beth said...

great idea Cindy!

Heather said...

WOW Cindy - this is INCREDIBLE! I need to get some lightweight coasters!