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The rub-on verse reads, "There are many compliments that may come to an individual in the course of a lifetime but here is not a higher tribute than to be loved by those who know us best." The first time I spied these metal claw style feet was on a Z Becky Brown handbag that Tim Holtz altered. It was in an issue of Expression I think. OK I went and looked it up - it was their Jan/Feb 2005 issue - here's a link to the article. Scroll down to find Tim Holtz's sample! More about the feet later... BTW, I added the feet to my ZBB too, using E-6000. Dang I'm stylin' now baybee....! Back to the pic posted: the box was wood, naked and at Michaels, and with a nice hinged (two hinges!) lid with a nifty glass insert and a quality clasp. I felt sorry for the poor naked box on the store shelf so I brought it home. :) I talked to the box about dressing it up a bit. The box said he wanted to be orange, so I whipped out a spray bottle of Ranger's Adirondack Butterscotch color wash spray and spritzed him to death. He needed some blinggy so I spritzed him again with Harvest Orange Glimmer Mist. Then I wiped off the metal pieces and the glass with a dry paper towel. A Tostitos Con Queso dip jar lives in my studio - it has a heavy mix of walnut ink solution in it at all times. I like the Tostitos jar cuz it has a wiiiiide mouth. I use this jar to shove tags into then hang on my clothes line here in my studio (what room is not complete without a clothes line - HA!). I'm not a nut - it's a piece of string, hung on those plastic hangers that 3M puts out...I use spring-style clothes pins but gonna get these mod lookin' ones one of these days.... With a paintbrush, I painted the inside and lips of the box with the walnut ink solution. Finished by adhering a rub-on from 7gypsies Home directly to the glass top, some Basic Grey Motifica paper mounted inside the box to view through the glass (kewl effect) and a piece of 7gypsies Life Creme paper on the box inside lid to hide the underside of the Motifica paper (it's white).
Now....the FEET....the purrrtty feet! I used the tiny wood screws that come with the feet to mount these to the wood box. My little orange box is happy. :)

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HB said...

Cindy, this box is just the the coolest thing ever!!

by the way... I love the site for the funkay clothes pins! The *ergonomic dog carrier* is hilarious!!!