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These goodies need a loving home. :) . The only item not pictured but included is a full, sealed, 50 yard spool of May Arts white 3/8" polka dot sheer ribbon! I will be teaching a class tomorrow (Monday) and will be checking back Tuesday morning and will post the winner Tuesday afternoon. Please leave a post (one post per person please) and if there is not a link to contact you please leave your email addy. A random number generator will be used. If you post, please let me know what your favorite t!m product is, and if you'd like to, tell me why it's your fave! Winner will be picked Tuesday afternoon, February 12th. Thank you and good luck!!!
contest closed - winner posted in above post & thank you!


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cruzinkellster said...

The Grungeboard is My Favorite...just can't get enough of the stuff!
Although...I love all the T!m products....

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